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Historic Tours at the Browns

Guided Tours of The Summer House At Avoca Lodge

In 2017, Avoca Lodge, known as The Molly Brown Summer House, turns 120 years old.
The Fehlmann family has lived in, and loved, this home for 89 of those years.

Join Fehlmann Granddaughter, Momo Shearer, for a 45-60 minute tour of the beautiful Avoca Lodge. The historic landmark is listed on, and protected by, the National Register of Historic Places.

Experienced Storyteller, Momo Shearer paints a vivid picture of architecture and farm life at Avoca for the famous, wealthy Molly and JJ Brown and their children. The Browns lived in the home from 1893 to present day. Sprinkling in stories of her own family’s 89 year history there, you will see proprietary photos of the 400 acre farm, orchards, livestock and the children. The photos are not available for viewing anywhere…except during a personal tour.

As a final surprise, Momo’s tour includes “The Lost Portrait”. This is an original work of art of Margaret Tobin Brown and is confirmed by members of the Brown Family as being the first (earliest) photograph ever taken of her.

Tours last about 45 to 60 minutes. Seating is available in each room where questions and open discussion are encouraged.

Individual and Group Tours are by appointment only. Please call Momo at 720.253.8349 to book a tour. Tickets are $10.

We look forward to meeting you soon at Avoca Lodge!

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Molly Brown Summer House

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